Can You Drink Alcohol with Gallstones?

You can drink alcohol with gallstones. This is because mild to moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a lower risk for gallstones, and they go hand in hand with regular physical activity and healthy food choices. Photo Credit: link Resource: How to Make Alcoholic Drinks? – How to Make Drinks With Alcohol? –

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Ropinirole?

Limit alcohol use because it may intensify the drowsiness and dizziness effects of this drug. This drug should be used only when clearly needed during pregnancy. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Photo Credit: Source Resource: What are the effects of drinking alcohol while taking citalopram? – What happens when you drink

Can I Drink Alcohol While on Antibiotics?

You should avoid drinking alcohol while on certain antibiotics such as metronidazole and tinidazole. When you mix these with alcohol, you can become dizzy and drowsy, experience irregular hearts beats and vomit. Antibiotics such as Linezolid, erythromycin and co-trimaxazole can be mixed with alcohol. Photo Credit: Source Resource: what happens when you drink alcohol while

Causes of Cyst on Earlobe?

Earlobe cyst is a condition where a small swelling happens in the ear. It is not life threatening and the real cause of the cyst is not very clear. However scientists assume that the production of oil from the sebaceous gland may be the cause of the swelling, if more oil is produced than released

Causes of Bumps behind Ears?

Some of the common causes of lumps behind the ear are swollen lymph nodes, sebaceous cyst, and mastoiditis. Lumps behind the ear are sometimes painful and sometimes not but are usually not a cause for alarm. However, experts still encourage consulting a doctor for any lumps in the ear to prevent possible worsening of the

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Flucloxacillin?

Flucloxacillin is safe to take with alcohol. However, as it is an antibiotic you are advised not to take excessive amounts of alcohol with it as this may affect the normal working of the drug. Please see your local physician for more information. Photo Credit: Source Resource: What happens when you drink alcohol while taking

Can I Drink Alcohol On Sertraline

Alcohol should not be taken with sertraline because it causes drowsiness and dizziness or even panic attacks. Photo Credit: source Resource: Who Drinks Alcohol? – What is Drinking Alcohol Made of? – What is the Healthiest Alcoholic Drink? – How to Make Alcohol Drinks? – How to Make Alcoholic Drinks? –

Causes of Colon Wall Thickening?

There are multiple known causes for colon wall thickening. Colon wall thickening refers to any hardening, swelling, or widening of the cells or tissues in the bowel wall. This is generally caused by an infection. Many disorders, diseases and other types of conditions can cause the thickening of the colon wall. One of the known

Can Fish See?

Fish normally see and this is facilitated by the fact that they have a protective film over. They have eyes just like any other creature but theirs consist of rod and cone cells on the retinas. Photo Credit: source Resource: how do fish see? – how to see an ice fishing derby? –

Causes for Swelling in the Hands Feet?

Swelling in the hands and the feet is a common occurrence that has a variety of possible triggers. The most common possibility is idiopathic edema, which occurs when excess fluid builds up in the body, with no specific trigger or cause. Idiopathic edema is generally more common in women than in men, and is often